Portfolio management is a major challenge for alternative investment players. Capital Venture's software allows for efficient and comprehensive follow-up from data entry to reporting.

Portfolio management in Capital Venture is based on workflows that make data entry easier and remove the risk of errors when using Excel.

capital venture software for portfolio management

Focus on portfolio management

Global portfolio management

Multi-asset management of different types of investments

companies, funds, infrastructure

Management of different investment types

equity and debt instruments, fund units

Centralized information

Quantitative data

Operations follow-up, valuations, financial elements

Qualitative data

Contact details and descriptions, managers

Document management

Customize tracking

Customize your KPIs based on your investment strategies

Create templates for financial elements and Excel imports

Set notifications to perform actions or to receive documents

Detailed Positions Table

Performance and key indicators calculation with historical positions

Comprehensive calculation of schedules and invoice generation

Monitor shareholders and capitalization tables

Reporting and Analysis

Create dashboards with built-in widgets

Create customized reports of your investments in CV Analysis

Generate reports, analyze portfolios or track ratios

Use standard reports

Portfolio summary, Interest tracking, Investment Follow-ups

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