Fund and InvestorManagement

Managing funds and investors is a real challenge for alternative investment players. Capital Venture software tracks the full life cycle of funds and saves investor information in one place. It also meets the growing and complex reporting requirements.

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Fund Life Cycle Management

  • Qualitative data entry: descriptions, terms and conditions...
  • Quantitative data entry: investor and fund transactions, waterfall customization and fund valuations

Investor data tracking

  • KPI customization
  • Set notifications to perform actions or to receive documents
  • Document management
  • Employee follow-up

Fund and Investor Detailed Position Tables

  • Tables with all key performance and monitoring indicators for funds and investors
  • Customize follow-up tables in the app
  • Net assets and cash flow calculations

Document and report generation

  • Generate all key documents (letters of appeal, distribution letters, capital accounts...) with standard editable reports
  • Create complex custom reports

Fund and investor management seamlessly integrateswith our customizable Investor Portal

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