Dedicated Portals

Dedicated Access

Capital Venture software provides dedicated portals to help you better communicate and share with your partners.

Customizable Access Page

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  • Use your website's corporate graphic charter
  • Customize the data shared
  • Share news or events

Investor Access

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  • Data transfer from the app: transactions, performance...
  • Documents available: letters of appeal, distribution letters, capital accounts...
  • Share documents: management reports, legal information....
  • Send emails to investors to inform them when documents or reminders are available
  • Monitor downloads and activity on the Portal

Distributor/CGPs Access

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  • Manage distributors and underwriters with all their KPIs
  • Customize KYCs and subscription forms
  • Online subscription for CGPs with subscription life cycle management and e-signature
  • Document management with reminders
  • Manage management fees and retrocessions of entry rights with invoicing
  • Built-in subscription information in the app, including fund management
  • Additional access for subscribers to track their positions and documents.
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