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Save all your contacts in a shared database. Efficiently manage your business leads.

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A master CRM

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Capital Venture software allows users to centralize contacts, both individuals and companies

  • Access to a shared database for all users
  • Easily find contacts and track your interactions with them
  • Easily view all the roles and connections of a contact within the app
  • Customize your contacts' description fields
  • Synchronization Exchange : sync your contacts with Outlook.

Efficiently manage your Deal Flow

Capital Venture software provides features to optimize prospect follow-up.

Build your process with your own custom steps

Easily view your pipeline and its progress

Manage your access rights to deals

Easily access interaction history of a file

Create dashboards with built-in widgets

Create custom reports on all your business leads

Get notified with custom conditions on milestones

Access your deal flows on the go with our app.

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