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Venture capitalists face many challenges in managing a growing activity. In a fast-growing business, professionals have to deal with

  • Increased competition
  • Monitoring new portfolio investments
  • The increasing complexity of investor requests for reporting

Our solutions help save time and optimize business by efficiently managing these tasks. Our built-in deal flow software, based on a proprietary CRM, the portfolio management solution, the fund and investor management solution, allow Innovation Capital players to meet their needs in one integrated app.

No matter their strategy or size, Venture professionals can rely on a reliable and powerful software to efficiently manage their activity.
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Capital Venture solutions

CRM / Deal Flow

Our solutions can help you save time in managing your contacts and your entire deal flow.

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Portfolio Management

Efficiently manage your investment lines across all investment strategies and asset classes

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Funds and Investors Management

Learn how you to manage your fund lifecycle and ensure reliable and comprehensive monitoring of your investors.

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Our reporting solutions allow you to make the most of your data and save valuable time in generating reports.

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Dedicated Access

Thanks to our dedicated access tools, you can better communicate and improve relationship with investors.

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