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Fund of Funds

The Fund of Funds business is booming in an increasingly competitive environment, and optimizing its activity around structured software processes allows for significant productivity improvements.

Our solutions enable monitoring of investment lines regardless of the strategies used. The tracking of underlying companies provides Fund of Funds managers with a consolidated portfolio view. It also allows for the calculation of exposures to different factors: geographical area, industry, maturity, etc.

With Capital Venture, you can :

  • Track all investment situations
  • Include valuations
  • Calculate historical performance charts.
Capital Venture's solutions optimize your business activity from the first GP contact to the final report.
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Capital Venture solutions

CRM / Deal Flow

Our solutions can help you save time in managing your contacts and your entire deal flow.

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Portfolio Management

Efficiently manage your investment lines across all investment strategies and asset classes

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Funds and Investors Management

Learn how you to manage your fund lifecycle and ensure reliable and comprehensive monitoring of your investors.

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Our reporting solutions allow you to make the most of your data and save valuable time in generating reports.

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Dedicated Access

Thanks to our dedicated access tools, you can better communicate and improve relationship with investors.

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